Innovative Mailing Solutions

Folders - Inserters

Anyone who has manually prepared invoices or brochures knows how tedious a task it can be. Folding/Inserting equipment can automate a very time-consuming part of the process, by providing an efficient and cost effective way to prepare materials for mailing. For an analysis of your Folding/Inserting needs and requirements contact your FP dealer today.


FPi 500

The FPi500 is a compact tabletop inserting system that delivers high performance in a small package. When you follow the straightforward instructions on the display, it is ready to go to work folding, inserting and sealing your mail automatically.

FPi 2000


Put an end to the daily mail stress. Let your new personal assistant handle all the mail you used to collate, fold and insert by hand.


FPi 4030

The FPi 4030 Folder Inserter is suitable for a variety of mail applications including invoice stuffing, statements, collection letters, billing and marketing communications.


FPi 5000

The FPi 5000 is the innovative answer to complex mailroom demands.