Innovative Mailing Solutions

Addressing Imagers

FP Envelope Imager 2XP

The Envelope Imager 2XP ushers in the new generation of FP Printers. Its state-of-the-art technology makes it the most powerful inkjet engine we have offered.

Our newest tabletop printer has a segment leading 3” of vertical print area and unmatched speed and material handling in its class. Print addresses, barcodes, indicia, return information, graphics, fixed or variable data in one pass!

FP Envelope Imager III

The feature-laden Envelope Imager III offers tremendous advantage over the competition with its exceptional price, high operating speeds, innovative concepts, and user-friendly design.

FP Envelope Imager II

The FP Envelope Imager II provides professional quality and production speeds in a small package—putting letter-shop speed right on your desktop.

FP Envelope Imager I

Economical, tough, fast, yet simple—the FP Envelope Imager I provides professional quality and capabilities at an affordable price.